No one can guarantee an accident-free construction site; however, most accidents transpire by factors that are identifiable, controllable, or even eliminable. We promote a safe work environment that reduces the likelihood of accidents through the enforcement of our Comprehensive Safety Program including weekly safety training, recognition of safe work practices, full-time use of personal protection equipment, and the clear expectation that our employees and Subcontractors must work safely.


Healthy working conditions and safe work performance benefit everyone. A safety-conscious workforce reduces work-related injuries, illness, and damages to people, property or equipment. Safety diminishes costs related to workers compensation premiums, lost production time, and administration. Diligent safety practices allow us to be more competitive and reward our clients with lower construction costs.


We strive to keep safety at the forefront of every project. We do not take short cuts with the well-being of our employees. Safety is everyone's right and responsibility, and it happens because all of us at Morcon take an active, enthusiastic role in making it happen.


Morcon implements the following intensive safety procedures during the performance of any work:


  • Construction Site Safety Meetings

  • First-Aid Treatment

  • Reporting Procedures

  • Company Required Safety Apparel

  • Construction Site Inspections

  • Subcontractor Safety Program Compliance Requirements

  • Company Enforcement Procedures

  • Utilizes the services of OSHA/Environmental Compliance Systems, Inc. (OECS) to help implement and oversee our Safety Plan

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