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Morcon Streamlines Baggage Claim at MSP International

We are proud to have completed another project at MSP International Airport, one that will help travelers effortlessly enter the Twin Cities. We redesigned the baggage claim device, carousel #8 at Terminal 1, so passengers can have a more efficient and modern luggage-collecting experience. The new carousel was constructed in a rectangular shape that offers 200 feet of waiting-space for passengers. This will help streamline the process of baggage pickup which, in turn, reduces wait times. 

The new carousel design is the first of 11 new devices being built in the terminal’s arrival level, and they will collectively add over 50 percent more front-facing space for passengers to claim their baggage. Additionally, these 11 carousels will match the number of exits stretching from the North to South end of Terminal 1. Digital screens on the arrivals level guide passengers to the device that will deliver their flight’s bags, and each carousel will be numbered in accordance to the exit door it is paired with. This will make baggage collection and passenger pickup a seamless process for all patrons of the airport. It is our pleasure to help travelers collect their belongings easily and efficiently so they can move on to the next leg of their journey.

Beyond increasing efficiency, one of the main goals of the project was to enhance the overall environment for travelers. This meant creating a calm and aesthetically pleasing space. The upgrades include modern light fixtures that illuminate the space tastefully and a rippling water effect that is projected onto the ceiling. There are also a variety of nature sounds signaling that bags are about to arrive, including one sequence that mimics the sound of ducks flying overhead and seemingly moves down the length of the carousel. We care about the passenger’s enjoyment of the space and wanted to go above and beyond in our design. 

Bridget Rief, vice president of planning, development, and environment for the Metropolitan Airports Commission, is pleased with our progress so far as stated in MSP News – August Issue, “The renovation work on Terminal 1 is making substantial progress, with additional interior space added along the front of the building, new escalators and elevators, and now the new baggage claim devices starting to come online, Passengers are starting to experience the spacious redesign and are able to visualize what the finished space will look like.”  At Morcon, we have a proud history of working with airports all over the country: completing over 100 past projects, providing cutting edge TSA equipment, and always trying to exceed expectations.  Being so close to home, we take special care to provide MSP Airport with the best accommodations, carried out by our construction experts, with their best effort put forth.

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